Writing an academic synthesis

You should already have drawn some conclusions about the quality and validity of these sources; and you should know how much you agree or disagree with the points made in your sources and the reasons for your agreement or disagreement.

Sandra Jamieson, Drew University. When you contrast, you consider differences. In the process of writing his or her background synthesis, the student explored the sources in a new way and become an expert on the topic.

We offer a good essay example written on the medical topic. What you as a writer must do is select the ideas and information from each source that best writing an academic synthesis you to achieve your purpose.

Re-read the sources, mentally summarizing each. Contains a one-sentence statement that sums up the focus of your synthesis. Before writing, I conducted research to find some of the best information online about synthesis writing.

Make sure the essay reads smoothly, logically, and clearly from beginning to end. The strawman argument first presents an introduction and thesis, then the main opposing argument, a refutation of the opposing argument, and finally a positive argument. The simplest - and least sophisticated - way of organizing a synthesis essay is to summarize your most relevant sources, one after the other, but generally with the most important source s last.

Draft the topic sentences for the main sections. Read the lecture on Writing a Synthesis very carefully. What do you believe is worth writing about?

Strategies for Synthesis Writing

If not, how might your peer revise it? Provide appropriate transitions both within and between paragraphs. Synthesising evidence in a paragraph This demonstration shows you how to develop a notetaking system for a paragraph on the topic of exams versus assignments.

You may also want to suggest further research or comment on things that it was not possible for you to discuss in the paper. Write out what you think each thesis is ; If you have read the same sources, did you identify the same theses as your peer?

This should be organized by theme, point, similarity, or aspect of the topic. Because a synthesis is based on two or more sources, you will need to be selective when choosing information from each. The supporting paragraphs will be devoted to supporting the argument you stated in your thesis, with each sources pertaining to one paragraph.

Whether one is proposing to open a new store or expand a product line, the report that must inevitably be written will synthesize information and arrange it by topic rather than by source. If a writer is arguing a point, her point can be emphasized by synthesizing several pieces of research that back her thesis.

For example, one choice asks you to write an explanatory synthesis, another asks you to argue a proposition, and the third asks you to compare and contrast.

In the event you are given a topic in class to write about, you can skip this step all together, though you should still begin to think about from what point-of-view you will be writing from.

Writing Synthesis in preparing your paper. Frequently writers of background synthesis papers develop a thesis before they have finished.Synthesising evidence in a paragraph Synthesising is a complex skill that you use to develop your body paragraphs.

Academic Skills

It requires you to draw together your ideas, supported by the similar and sometimes contradictory ideas of others. This is a lesson about how to write a synthesis essay, which is an advanced type of writing whereby the writer chooses a topic, asserts a claim, selects and combines sources, then constructs an.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay: Expert Definition, Outline, Examples, and Topics

Before learning how to write a synthesis essay, it is critical to define this term. Synthesis refers to gathering data from various sources and creating a whole content out of it; an academic essay is a writing assignment teachers give to test student’s knowledge and skills on the particular topic.

Oct 27,  · A synthesis is a piece of writing that combines information from two or more sources.

How to Write an Original Synthesis Essay

If a writer is explaining a concept or event, research from different sources can be synthesized to offer a well-rounded explanation of it.

How to Write an Original Synthesis Essay. A synthesis essay is a paper that organizes two or more sources and combines their ideas into one work to support a strong thesis statement from the point-of-view of the author. Synthesis, just like everything else you've learned, is a process.

Remember to put to use your skills of summarizing while keeping in mind everything mentioned above.

Writing an academic synthesis
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