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His superiors viewed his extreme charitable behavior as incompatible with the amount of dignity associated with an ecclesiastic position.

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People described Gogh as the little boy with red hair and freckles who hardly ever smiled. His paintings demonstrate a clear style of movement and color in thick layers of paint. His mother was an amateur artist, and from her, he inherited a love of nature and art. He expressed his depressive emotions by writing to his brother, Theo, indicating that he had not changed; that his only worry is about how he could be useful to the world.

In this company, he learnt to appreciate art since; in each city he worked he was exposed to new museums and artists, his favorite ones including French painters Jean-Francois Millet and Camille Corot Collins 4.

Thereafter, Vincent was hospitalized until the spring of ; he was voluntarily confined in the Asylum of Saint-Paul in Saint-Remy from May until May He also made up games for his younger brothers and sisters Valerie 8.

At this point in his life, Vincent suffered yet another marked depression. He moved to Paris, where he lived with Theo his brother. He moved on to become a preacher. After a short while, he looked very poor and even turned his face color to black, which made him disagree sharpy with his superiors.

He later undertook a three-month course at the Vlaamsche Opleidingsschool Protestant School in Laeken but failed. He, finally at the age of twenty seven resolved to go back to art with an aim to produce artistic work for people.

During his stay in Paris, he bought Japanese woodblock prints, of which he had interest since during his stay at Antwerp when he was using them to decorate the walls of his then studio. In Mayhe was sent by his family to Amsterdam to study theology where he stayed with his Uncle Jan van Gogh who was a naval Vice Admiral.

He had already devoted four years to work as a preacher and above all shared his personal belongings with his brethren since most of them were miserably poor. In his childhood years, he enjoyed being in nature and loved reading.

Some of his favorite outdoor activities were collecting insects and studying plants and animals.

Vincent Van Gogh essay

He began attending the village school at Zundert in and later went to a boarding school in Tilburg, Netherlands where he studied a wide range of subjects including French, German, Arithmetic, History, Geography, Botany, Zoology, Geometry, English, Mathematics and art.

During the winter of Van Gogh studied at the academy in Antwerp, where he was forced to draw from plaster casts and to adopt academic principles that did not suit him. In Nuenen he painted The Potato Eaters, his first important picture, which underscores his lifelong interest in peasant subjects.Throughout van Gogh’s life, his brother Theo was a source of financial and emotional support.

Though Theo is often credited with introducing the world to Vincent van Gogh’s art, his efforts might have failed without the support of Theo’s wife, Johanna van Gogh.

After all, Theo died two months after Vincent (Righthand, ). A brief biographical essay on the artist, Vincent Van Gogh. Vincent Van Gogh Although he is almost unknown during his brief lifetime, Vincent Willem van Gogh, was born Mar.

30,in Groot-Zundert, the Netherlands and is today probably the most known and appreciated representative of art. Essay about vincent van gogh - Vincent van Gogh was a Dutch post-impressionist painter, whose work represents the archetype of expressionism, the idea of emotional spontaneity in painting.

Van Gogh was born March 30,in Groot-Zundert, son of a Dutch Protestant pastor. Vincent Williem Van Gogh is one of the most popular Dutch painters. He was born on March 30,in Zundert Netherlands to Theodorus Van Gogh, a pastor, and Anna Cornelia Carbentus.

Vincent's father was a successful preacher, and through him, Vincent learnt to regard his fellow humans with due respect. Essay on Art Vincent Van Gogh Studio of the South" Vincent van Gogh’s “The Bedroom” is a magnificent representational painting.

Vincent Van Gogh

My initial reaction of the painting, which is on display at The Art Institute of Chicago, is the colors, which seem to balance each structural piece together.

Sep 12,  · Essay Topics. Discuss van Gogh's complex relationship with his family, particularly his brother Theo. To what extent did Vincent distance himself from his family and/or embrace his heritage?

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Vincent van gogh sat essay
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