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This plan establishes a flexible approach to emergency response leadership and other roles in recognition of the fact that it is not possible to predict which employees will be present or absent during any particular emergency.

Refer to Appendix G for guidelines. The Emergency Response Maintenance Group will coordinate these training sessions. Print one copy of this Plan and be aware of its overall content and structure in order to use it efficiently in an emergency.

Restore operations 4th priority: The highest ranking employee present, among the following, shall normally assume the General Coordinator role: In the event of a building evacuation, employees of the region ensure that this supply kit is taken to the designated assembly area.

In addition, every region maintains its own first aid supplies, with a particular employee assigned responsibility for ensuring that the supplies are kept complete.

All library employees should study this plan now, prior to any emergency, in order to understand how it fits with their departmental emergency plans, their own personal emergency plans, and campus-wide emergency response procedures.

Meet community needs 1. If the situation safely allows, locate the Emergency Command Centers: The Plan also makes the assumption that all library employees share responsibility for emergency response and shall assist actively and responsibly in whatever ways their skills are most useful. Staff the Emergency Command Center with personnel designated to take the Coordinator roles listed in Section 3.

An earthquake which causes injury to users or employees, or damage to the collections, the facility, or its contents. Parking lot outside main entrance to Library 3. Responsibilities for emergency preparedness are assigned to particular employees on a permanent ongoing basis; these individuals also play important roles in emergency response if they are on-site at the time.

However, in some cases it may be necessary to define a region as a section within a department or as a group of employees at a specified physical location. Each task shall be checked off as it is completed: No one puts themselves or others in danger.

See Appendix N for specific regions. Permanent ongoing responsibilities are held by Building Managers and Floor Wardens. Some of these roles may be combined depending on when the emergency occurs, the number of people available, and the type of emergency.

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The seven coordinators and their responsibilities are described below. If multiple library buildings are affected, assignment of some specific Coordinators for each building may be warranted. If any staff member is approached or contacted by phone or other means, by the media, either at home or at work, they should direct the inquirer to the spokesperson.

Each library unit see Note in 2. Protect University property 3rd priority: Although individual library buildings may have building-specific plans, all affected libraries and departments shall work closely together in an emergency.

The spokesperson is the only individual who will speak with any member of the media. Campus-wide emergency planning responsibilities reside with the Campus Police and the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Copies can be obtained at http: The Building Managers and their responsibilities are listed in appendix B; the Floor Wardens and their responsibilities are in appendices C and D.

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All supervisors should print one copy of this plan for newly hired employees. In addition, each building has Floor Wardens who are responsible for ensuring that employees and users in their area evacuate the building promptly in any emergency situation. An emergency supply cabinet is located on various floors of each library building for storage of first aid supplies; see Appendix F for a list of cabinet contents.

The highest ranking employee at the scene assumes the General Coordinator responsibilities; as appropriate, a higher ranking person will normally assume responsibility upon arrival.

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Each library facility has an on-site Building Manager who is responsible for liaison activities for all emergency planning matters, including training and evacuation drills.

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For any questions regarding this transition to the Wiki or about the procedures, please contact Kristine Ferry at [email protected] | Back Top of Page Last updated on December 15, Each library unit (see Note in above) shall develop a specific unit emergency plan, coordinate its implementation with floor wardens and unit employees, and ensure its regular review and maintenance.

During the time you are enrolled in a UCI Division of Continuing Education course, you may use the University of California, Irvine library.

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Request the Patron Library Card Application in person at the UC Irvine Extension Student Services office. Strategic Plan LEARN MORE. Programs Programs The Paul Merage School of Business is focused on developing agile leaders who can anticipate disruption and capitalize on and create new opportunities in the marketplace.

Our cutting-edge curricula equip students with broad knowledge and learning experiences to challenge and. UCI is the first UC library to license The New York Times Irvine is the first UC Library to license the New york Times for campus-wide access. UCI Students, Faculty and Staff can enjoy access to The New York Times provided by the UCI Libraries.

Uci library business plan
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