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The rebellion devastated a huge area in southern China and caused upward of 20 Taiping essay in lost lives.

Taiping Rebellion

Slavery and the sale of women was outlawed, as were foot-binding, prostitution, arranged marriages and polygamy. Early Taiping success is attributable to the appeal of its messianic message, the prevalence of anti-Manchu sentiments in southern China, strict military discipline among its troops, and promise of social and economic reforms.

In he founded the Society of God Worshippers and began preaching his version of Christianity among poor people in Guangxi Kwangsi province in southern China. Now, the main way to advance in class was to buy into political rank. The Heavenly Kingdom of the Taipings is not so distant from the commune-oriented Marxist utopia.

Most of the Taiping princes were executed. There were rumors to the effect that the Emperor was ready to abandon China entirely but for Yehonala, a favorite concubine with much power.

Samanea saman Taiping essay hujan-hujan pterocarpus indicus planted along the pathway. The Taiping leaders had attempted Taiping essay establish a caste-free society based on egalitarian precepts.

By the Taiping Rebellion was falling apart. The gentry, who usually rallied to support a successful rebellion, had been alienated by the radical anti-Confucianism of the Taipings, and they organized under the leadership of Zeng Guofana Chinese official of the Qing government.

Sometime in the June ofthe Hunan army was preparing to launch their final attack. The Taiping Rebellion was a reaction against progress, more importantly against change. The Taipings as a fighting force were formidable but rather less than coherent.

Roberts was an American Southern Baptist missionary, who adopted Hung as a special student and encouraged his ideas of rebellion. Mencius appealed especially to them because of his semi-Christian stress on the inherent goodness of humanity.

He was not aiming his rebellion at Han Chinese, but was anti-Qing and wanted to destroy the Manchu government. The Taipings thought that they were the chosen people of their god, with a mission to overthrow the wicked Manchu regime.

His father, Hung Ching-yang was small independent farmer. An unsuccessful attempt by the Qing government to suppress the movement in ignited the rebellion. Soon, the Manchus were relying solely on the Maritime customs taken in by non-Chinese port operators, as well as on the sale of offices in the administration.

That failed, but another expedition into the upper Yangtze valley scored many victories. However, the Taipings were perhaps the most successful of any that had gone before them. The younger Hong was inexperienced and powerless, so the kingdom was quickly destroyed when Nanjing fell in July to the imperial armies after protracted street-by-street fighting.

Holding the city of Nanking against imperial and foreign forces had become virtually impossible. China had been slowly breaking away from tradition for several hundred years, and the Taipings only widened the rift between modern China and its ancestors. The Qing government also found in Zeng Guofan Tseng kuo-fan a committed Confucian scholar-official of great ability and integrity.

The Qing dynasty was so weakened by the rebellion that it never again was able to establish an effective hold over the country. The Taiping army enjoyed tremendous success as it marched northward, culminating in the capture of Nanjing Nanking in ; it was renamed Tianjin, or the Heavenly capital, but the movement failed to gain headway north of the Yangzi Valley.

Hung spent two months studying the bible doctrines under the missionary. His translation of the Christian doctrine formed the beliefs and ideology of the Taiping Rebellion. Ningbo is easily captured in December 9th, and Hangzhou is besieged and finally captured on December 31st, There are ten scenic lakes and ponds, which highlight the gardens.

InHung had a revelation which changed his life, career and outlook. This was not to be the case. While in Canton waiting for the exams, he had met Protestant Christian missionaries who gave him religious tracts. They also maintained a distance from the Chinese culture.

During the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries Chinese culture began to move away from the traditional beliefs of the past.

By Zeng had managed to surround Nanjing, and the city fell in July The Nian Rebellion, Boxer Rebellion, and the Communist Revolution all stem from the emotions and ideas which emerged from the Taiping vision.

Combat was always bloody and extremely brutal,[ citation needed ] with little artillery but huge forces equipped with small arms.

For those who followed these rules, an ultimate reward was promised. That action continues to mold the current events in China, a sign that the people, not the central authority, can control the future of China.

Taiping Lake Gardens

Intermarriage and trade with the Chinese was illegal.The Taiping Lake Gardens (Malay: Taman Tasik Taiping) is the first public garden established during the British rule in Malaysia.

The garden is located near Bukit Larut, and is equidistant to the town centre and the Taiping Zoo History. Town planner Charles Reade. The Taiping Lake Gardens was originally a mining ground before it was. The Taiping Rebellion, also known as the Taiping Civil War or the Taiping Revolution, was a massive rebellion or total civil war in China that was waged from to between the established Manchu-led Qing dynasty and.

Chinese History - Opium wars, Taiping rebellion, boxer rebellion and the long march. Essay by b0w, September download word file, 7 pages download word file, 7 pages 1 votes3/5(1). Taiping Rebellion: Taiping Rebellion, political and religious upheaval in China that lasted from to and took about 20 million lives.

The Taiping Tianguo, in simple Chinese terms, is called the Taiping rebellion. The rise of religious and political temperatures was doubtlessly an essential occasion in China in the nineteenth century.

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Taiping Rebellion Essay

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