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THE YOUNG The barriers for the young are now more complex and stronger than at foundation level, for me personally as a young athlete the biggest barriers for me are: Once at elite level in the development continuum, twice a year there are national talent ID days to select the highest performing tennis players in Britian.

The players must be able to handle the intensity of this stage. For performance level, this stage involves players being at least county level. Lack of opportunities- For the elderly, the opportunity to compete at performance level sports holds much higher intensities and competitiveness.

This then leads onto them refusing to partake. Also the younger generation may assume that the elderly are weak, slow and agile so show minimal respect for them in sporting situations restricting the elderly to take the opportunity develop and play at any level but mainly performance level.

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However this requires a lot of hard work, time and money to do so and if the children attend and become disinterested in the sport and do not want to continue to attend and participate then it is a waste for the club of time, effort and money. This is different to both gymnastics and swimming as at this level in these Sport development continuum swimming you are having lessons and completing certificates which give a sense of accomplishment and allow you to progress whereas with tennis its more competitive from an earlier stage in the development continuum.

During school classes they may need specific equipment to help them and they may feel that they are in inconvenience and are embarrassed by the help and support that they need compared to those more able, reducing them to not partake at all and to simply sit and watch.

There is no real support for those of older age to participate within the elite level sport of tennis, competitively or noncompetitively. This is in order for them to channel either their behaviour or boredom into positive and productive areas.

It also shows equality and diversity for those suffering with a disability. If certain action or movement cause pain, stop immediately before doing any proper damage. However they still need to get the motivation and drive to attend these activities which can be a struggle especially those suffering with a disability.

Elite stage players are often entered into championships world-wide to represent their sport, club and country, once the players reach this stage the main focus is to ensure they keep progressing in order for them to continue performing at this level.

Lack of local opportunity — There is limited opportunities for the elderly, such as local events, clubs and fun days. The pathway allows the variety of the older and younger generations to experience the best out of tennis resulting in an increase of participation and reduces the possible chance of an increase in obesity within the UK.

This means that they may struggle to find the funds for club fees, travel to clubs, match fees, kit and equipment and plan to spend their money on more important things like heating and electricity bills.

Coaches, instructors and leisure centre staff could wear casual clothing during activities, rather than formal or expensive sportswear. There are trails where the best players are then selected to represent their county and then go onto academy level e.

One factor affected is by where they live. The government could also promote mixed family sessions which benefits all round; the elderly can spend family time with the grandchildren and those worried can be involved with the activities that the elderly partake in which would allow them to see and put their minds at rest of what exercise the elderly are performing.

If you are of a certain age you are usually required to play a different form of the sport, the different forms are; Mini red- 8 and under, mini orange- years of age natural progression from mini redmini green- natural progression from mini orange This level of participation usually happens at an early age during school were students are further encouraged to join a tennis club so that individuals can get experience of a more personal one to one level of coachingThe next step from here is to sign up with the LTA and be able to compete.

This is why; in this section I have used some of the same barriers.

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They also hold more opportunities within the different levels of performance. This then reduces participation levels across many different sports and the young only participate in the foundation level sports at school because they then can focus solely on their work.

An example of this would be being scouted from a local Liverpool club to go on to playing for Liverpool Football club. This will allow those individually seeking to try new sports to build confidence, new relationships and friendships with those of similar interests eliminating the idea of them being friendless for participating in something their friends do not wish to do so.Sport Development Continuum Swimming.

P1 describe three examples of the sports development continuum, from three different sports M1 compare and contrast three examples of the sports development continuum, from three different sports, identifying strengths and areas for improvement Sports Development Continuum Foundation:.

Benefits of sport. At the heart of every investment we make is the wider benefits being active can bring – from a person's mental wellbeing to developing new skills. The Sports Development Continuum is a model that represents a persons involvement in sport by what stage they are at.

It also highlights the route a performer can take to become an elite performer.

The model has four stages; foundation, participation, performance, and excellence. The purpose of the sports development continuum is for the participant to have the opportunity to positively increase their skills and knowledge of a specific sport.

Therefore the importance of the ‘quality in sports development’ is extremely high. Jan 20,  · Sports Development Continuum. An example of a sporting continuum would be from gymnastics.

sports development continuum

The foundation stage is the FUNdamentals and basics which you do in PE lessons at primary school. Nov 23,  · P1: Describe three examples of the sports development continuum, from three different sports. The three sports chosen for this project are Tennis, Football and Cricket, although there are four levels of sports development in the overall sports development continuum meaning that each sport has a unique place of its own within .

Sport development continuum swimming
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