Speech outline on iq

Is the light flickering? Print the slides and use them as a guide as you create your own PowerPoint presentation. The kids loved it! Create tutorials, reviews, or quizzes for individual students. They find graphics online or create their own.

Just click Start and select Programs to find it.

Your students have just completed some terrific reports on cold-blooded animals or Native American culture or photosynthesis. Display student work and curriculum materials or accompany teacher presentations at parent open houses or technology fairs.

Click Slide Show, choose View Show, and view the tutorial. One of the best ones was about the St. Granted, normal standardized tests certainly get predictable results where academics are concerned, but they should not be considered good indicators of general intelligence because of the glaring omissions they make in the testing process.

If your computer arrived pre-loaded with Microsoft Office, you most likely have PowerPoint too. The mouse does not highlight elements in the outline pane. Remember that this is an introductory tutorial; PowerPoint offers many features and options beyond those covered here.

Some of the shortcut icons seemed less intuitive than others -- I never would have "guessed," for example, that the star icon indicated the animation tool.

It is probably the best-known presentation graphics program available. You cannot open or close frames.

Why IQ Tests Don't Measure Intelligence

One of the important questions that always comes up regarding these tools is what are the tests really measuring? Animations, including slide transitions, are not supported except animated GIF pictures.

Create graphically enhanced information and instructions for the learning centers.

Because I rarely find, however, that using software applications is as "unforgettable" as riding a bike, I was surprised at how quickly I learned enough to create a reasonably attractive, interactive presentation. The active slide title is not highlighted in the outline pane.

Do remember to save often! But this is not all that goes into it. Their ability to perform well on standardized tests? In speech class, they create slide shows to accompany their oral presentations.

A few of these that are often tested are reading comprehension, vocabulary, and spatial relations. The rollover labels for the icons cleared up any momentary confusion, though. Kaiser generously agreed to share some of her favorite PowerPoint projects with Education World users.

The most popular free presentation software would be found in the Open Office package at OpenOffice.Outline: Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that IQ testing is not a valid measure to be used on modern populations. Central Idea: At the end of my speech the audience will know all about the disadvantages of IQ testing in.

II- The reasons why intelligence quotient tests are not reliable enough: A. A score can differ significantly from one IQ test to another taken by the same person, in the same conditions: 1- “During –, as part of validation for their new IQ test, the KABC-II, Alan and Nadeen Kaufman looked at IQ test scores from a dozen children aged.

Speech Outline on Iq Delivery Outline Ellie Speech assignment minutes Date April 17, Introduction Attention Getter: Picture of George H.W Bush. He had an IQ of 98, which is barely average IQ and still managed to be the president of the United States.

Jun 11,  · Persuasive Speech Topics. Persuasive speech refers to a particular type of speech in which the speaker has the objective of persuading the audience to accept his or her perspective.

The first step is to get an appropriate topic for the speech. It should be in an area that you understand and which your audience can relate to.

The goal of the persuasive speech is to influence audience choices killarney10mile.com Problem-solution pattern When to use: Unawareness using IQ tests. Speech to motivate action Sample specific-purpose statement To urge people to START doing something.

Speech disorders generally are produced by a physiological or motor impairment, and have no relationship whatsoever to the ability to reason, solve problems, or to be creative. My bitter and sarcastic definition of “mental retardation” is “a limp with a speech issue”.

Speech outline on iq
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