Sonnambula dessay met

Act 1[ edit ] Scene 1: Lisa enters and points to Amina, who wakes up at the noise. Tous rendent les armes devant Juan Diego Flrez, parfaite incarnation du hros romantique. Rodolfo hands him the ring which he places on her finger, at which time she awakens and is amazed by what has happened.

Lighting Designer — T. What traveller today lounges about the village inn or strolls its streets?

Bellini: La sonnambula

December Juan Diego Flrez wertet mit seinem perfekten Legato und seinen weichverhangenen Spitzentnen den Elvino beinahe Sonnambula dessay met wichtigsten Rolle auf.

The Met has made a commitment to presenting modern masterpieces alongside the classic repertory, with highly theatrical productions featuring the greatest opera stars in the world. Although she was hesitant to perform the role, saying she did not want to play evil characters, director Robert Carsen convinced her that this Queen would be different, almost a sister to Pamina; Dessay agreed to do the role.

In the pit, Evelino Pid is everything you need, attentive Sonnambula dessay met the score and ever watchful of his singers. She advises him that the village is preparing a formal welcome; meanwhile she wishes be the first to pay her respects.

This is of course not a terribly original idea in itself, and the complications of the added layer did not exactly reinforce the clarity of the of the story. The Roman Polanski production was not well received, but it began the road to stardom for Dessay.

Remember that La Sonnambula has reappeared only when there was a soprano who could bring off Amina. The lovelorn Alessio arrives, but she rejects his advances. Elvino demands proof and Rodolfo, seeing the sleeping Amina walking across the high, dangerously unstable mill bridge, warns that to wake her would be fatal.

As they exchange vows, the notary asks what she brings to the partnership: Elvino refuses to believe him and calls upon Lisa to leave, but at that moment Teresa begs the villagers to be quiet, because Amina has at last fallen into an exhausted sleep. He continues to reject Amina, even when the townspeople come in with the news that the count says that she is innocent.

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Natalie Dessay

They then see Elvino coming in the wood looking downcast and sad. Jane Bunnell offered a vivid and variegated Teresa, and Jennifer Black brought nuance and depth to the villainess Lisa, who was in this production, mind you, both an innkeeper and a stage director. Lisa figures out that Rodolfo is the son of the local count.

Flrez has learned to contain some of the big shine in his voice and when it needs to be mellow it is, indeed, mellow but the big climaxes gleam like silver.

That said, I loved her here as Amina, she is always such fun to watch, she looks adorable and the colouratura and technique still amazes. Quand on a la chance de runir le couple Natalie Dessay et Juan Diego Flrez, on russit la beaut absolue.

Besides, the sets do look great and the costumes too.

Dessay And Florez Star In LA SONNAMBULA Opening 3/2

Natalie Dessay especially looks radiant and adorable. Just prior to beginning the current season, the Met presented a free performance of the Verdi Requiem on September 18, in tribute to the late Luciano Pavarotti. A stranger arrives, asking the way to the castle. Curiously, the village is familiar to him and conjures up pleasant memories.

In her youth, Dessay had intended to be a ballet dancer and then an actress. Although she was soon featured in another production of Hoffmann, it would be over ten years before her return to the Paris Opera in the same role.

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Lisa takes advantage of the situation and renews her engagement to Elvino. July Que demander de plus? She is a prolific adaptor-director whose works, such as The Odyssey, Arabian Nights, and The Notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci, have been seen in theaters throughout the country and abroad.

Whenever Juan Diego Flrez looses his soaring high notes, he is not merely a joy to hear, he is expressing real emotions. Zutiefst berhrend ist ihre Schlafwandlerszene, wie sie da ihre Seele ffnet und feinste Gemtsregungen subtil gestaltet, ist atemberaubend.

Die Parameter des Belcantos beherrscht der Tenor ohnedies auch hier in stupender Weise. May Gesanglich profitiert Juan Diego Sonnambula dessay met von den akustischen Mglichkeiten der DVD, denn sein -- wie immer -- delikat gefhrter Tenor geht nur selten im groen Orchesterklang unter und leuchtet oft in Vollendung.

Career[ edit ] She was born as Nathalie Dessaix in Lyon. Choreographer Daniel Pelzig made his Met debut working with Mary Zimmerman and the rest of the production team on Lucia di Lammermoor last season.

Poor Amina is miserable. The Emmy Award-winning The Met:This recording of La Sonnambula is attractive (and significant) for a number of reasons/ On 2 MarchDessay sang the title role in La sonnambula at the New York Metropolitan Opera. It was the first new production of the opera at the Met since Joan Sutherland sang the title role in Spouse(s): Laurent Naouri.

Natalie Dessay, Jennifer Black, Jane Bunnell, Juan Diego Flórez, Michele Pertusi, Jeremy Galyon, Metropolitan Opera Chorus, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Evelino Pidò La Sonnambula - Curtain Calls & Closing Credits.

Bellini's romantic opera 'La sonnambula' (), hinges on the love and misunderstanding between Elvino and Amina (the ‘sleepwalker’ of the title). Discovered in the bedroom of Rodolfo, Amina is assumed to have been unfaithful, and Elvino cancels their wedding.

Following her triumphs last season in the title roles of two Donizetti operas, Lucia di Lammermoor and La Fille du Régiment, Natalie Dessay adds the title role of La Sonnambula to her Met repertory.

Bellini: La Sonnambula

Jul 09,  · Amina's mad scene from Act II of Bellini's "La Sonnambula." Natalie Dessay (Amina). Production: Mary Zimmerman. Conductor: Evelino Pidò. Taken from the Live in HD transmission.

Sonnambula dessay met
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