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Others a Besides the client, are there any other persons involved? There are no other persons involved. The social worker could contact hospice groups, local church volunteer groups, day visiting committees and the community volunteer organizations.

Social Worker a What needs of the client seem to be present from the point of a professional social worker? The client wishes to have a care provider for the hours she is without home support, because she is afraid of dying alone.

This fear is directly related to her religious beliefs and personal convictions.

She is completely bedridden and very weak, unable to tend to any bodily function or even to change her position unaided. What might their needs be? Please state why it is a public problem. Her medication delivery is via a permanent sodium drip and shunt.

A professional social worker would research and avail themselves of any and all community resources for their client. She also needs companionship to combat fear and loneliness. A social worker would regard the well being and needs of her client as the primary obligation.

The clients needs are for extended care, be it professional or volunteer. It is a public problem because it effects society and the terminally ill in our society.

Revision:Social worker case study

A social worker could provide help by approaching a volunteer bureau or a local church group to find a qualified individual to provide companionship b Public 1 What is one public issue that your client has or is having?

Her physical needs are crucial.

W requires professionally administered, restricted medication for pain control every three hours. Social worker case study Mrs. She must now choose between being alone in her home at night and dying in the hospital.

These services are provided by a ministry sponsored support team who will tend to her physical and medical needs for four hours of the day between the hours of 9: W thinks that the community health services, public nurses or the trained hospice staff should stay with her for the time she needs them; not a time regulated by the ministry or a director.

Please state why it is a private problem. A social worker could launch a public awareness campaign, through education you could get the public involved in lobbying for change or creating a stronger volunteer base.

The client believes that a person has the right to die with dignity, peace and in the home they have lived in.Category / B 17/09/ 17/09/ by Brian Heys.

B Exam Day. B, Open University, Thoughts; In terms of revision, responsible marketing and green marketing. I didn’t so much enjoy social marketing or ethical frameworks. I also found fair trade a little less interesting than green – although it was interesting to relate some.

Revision:Social worker case study Mrs. W., a year-old hospice client in the final stage of terminal lung cancer wishes to die at home as opposed to in the hospitals terminal ward. She is completely bedridden and very weak, unable to tend to any bodily function or even to change her position unaided.

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Social marketing exam revision
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