My worst experience in college ever

Everything I owned was in two suitcases after months of me pawning my video games, CDs, and other possessions to have spending money and food to eat. My worst experience in college ever being realistic here. New classes of Black students would come in and avoid me like the plague.

The 10 Worst Experiences You’ll Face During College

These were the nicest clothes I owned at the time. The following morning my body was aching and I felt sick, good thing classes were still suspended so I had time to rest. However, what I failed to mention was the seedy underbelly of the college experience — the terrible moments that accompany otherwise great times.

I was the type of student who was so afraid to break the rules. She said that it has the best library, which is true. I was surprised when I saw my sister approaching me her class was until 6: She said at that time it has the lowest tuition fee among the Universities in the U-belt. If I am to narrate my college experiences, I could create a book!

An exceptional professor can and will nurture you in his field while a terrible professor will make you never want to pick up an another book in his or her subject. I fell asleep and my sister woke me up to tell me that someone has vacated a seat. My financial aid visits, phone calls, and letters took up countless hours throughout my preparation for school.

He said that we could hop in though there was one seat left. If you know that it will cause you suffering, decide and if ever there are consequences, so be it.

I walked back to the dorm early, offended that he felt the need to draw attention to me in that way but more so embarrassed that everyone else co-signed.

I had just made a several-hundred-dollar dent in my bank account. Recently, I was checking text messages and emails when I realized the bonds that I have formed since college are some of the strongest bonds I have had in my life.

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I thought it was 11pm when we finally managed to find a full jeepney but the driver took pity on us as he saw us walking and then stopping to check if a miracle would happen.

I actually went to UE because my sister kind of convinced me. Expensive Textbooks I went to my college bookstore at the beginning of this semester to purchase the texts and materials I needed for all of my classes.

There will be days when you are so tired that you can barely drag your sorry body out of bed to go to class or when you feel hopelessly homesick — missing the friends and family and love interests you left at home along with other mementos of adolescence passed.

Sleep Deprivation Our bodies were not biologically engineered to run too little sleep each night, but during college, you will push your physical health as far as it will go in this regard.

Be prepared for to-do lists with dozens of items you will never complete. I could tell a number of bad memories. Yeah, it was that bad. Some have gotten married and had kids.

All the boys put on cologne. There are so many reasons to drop cash — for cabs when going out, at dinners with your friends, or even when you need to pick up a prescription at CVS — that those of us who are less fiscally responsible might find ourselves in trouble.

I vowed never to let it happen again. My sister and I were both wet because we tried to walk as much distance as we can to find a jeepney that could accommodate us both. It was past six already and yet we were still on the road waiting for a ride home. More From Thought Catalog.

They spend time together and have formed close bonds with one another. When I got to undergrad, I was probably a year behind most of my peers educationally and immeasurably lagging economically.

It was just days after move-in on the all Black student floor freshman year. I started hanging out with the outcasts and awkward kids in the dorms and recused myself from mainstream Black life at school.

I have a full roster of fantastic, affirming, loving, compassionate people who I get to do life with now.

Now, I see that most of them have what I was told I would find in college.My Ideal Partner (+the Best And The Worst Experience) This is a short paper to practice appearance and character vocabulary.

First you give a. But I suck at the classes I LOVE (Science). I just don't find time for them after doing all my other work? I don't know what to do I'm so jealous of my friends who go to a different university.

My one friend doesn't attend any classes, crams the day before, and aces his exams. I'm very close to transferring to a university where I know I can thrive. Don’t Believe the Hype: College Years Were the Worst Years of My Life.

My undergraduate college years were some of the worst years of my life in the friendship department. I’m just glad I survived them, turned 30, and finally found all the Black unicorns in the United States.

9 Black Soul Singers Who Move Us More Than Adele Ever.


Well my worst professor has got to be My public speaking one this semester. He is the laziest teacher i have ever had, he missed the first day of school next week he teached for 40 minutes all he did was go over the syllabus, he told us we will have a.

0; Earlier this week, I wrote about the 12 Things You Will Experience During College. However, what I failed to mention was the seedy underbelly of the college experience — the terrible moments that accompany otherwise great times.

 My Worst Job One of my first jobs I ever had was being a bus boy for a pub and grill in my hometown of Dixon, my cousin worked there at the time and got me the job.

Don’t Believe the Hype: College Years Were the Worst Years of My Life

I was 15 at the time I got the job and was super excited.

My worst experience in college ever
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