My generations greatest challenge

In the educational curriculum in our schools today, be that elementary, high school, or college, little attention is given to creativity or innovation. We will change the way the world thinks, one kindergartner at a time.

Even when we read a book we are expected to come to the same prophetic conclusion that is accepted by society. As a human race, we are at a tremendous cross-roads. We learn how to get the answer of a math problem in a very specific way or not stray from instruction in a science experiment. While there are many unanswered questions about what their future holds, we can follow current trends to envision what this group will face in the years ahead.

He became a symbol of revolution and freedom in his generation. Leave your email if you would like to be notified when your message is approved. Children of a surprisingly young age can solve real-world problems in ways that no one has ever dreamed of.

Truly anything is possible. The only thing that holds us back are the limits of the mind. But unfortunately, the youths in my generation have had their minds dulled and have indeed lost their identity; they are satisfied with being complacent.

Even though we feel alone, we can text a friend at My generations greatest challenge moment, watch inspirational TED Talks to help us through our hard times, download any self help book ever written in just a click of a button, or take free courses on anything we ever wanted to learn about.

However, higher education costs are skyrocketing, saddling many students with debt for years after graduation and reducing their overall buying power and quality of life. Let other people know what you are struggling with, or what your friends or colleagues are struggling with.

There is no doubt that the youths in my generation today are the future leaders of tomorrow. So, I want to ask you again: The human identity can be viewed as being made up of the body and the mind.

Their minds should therefore be harnessed in a productive manner. Lessons and classes will also need to be focused on collaboration while also keeping a healthy mix of individual achievement.

It is imperative that we give our students confidence at a young age and show them that they can make a difference in the world. We will not progress as a nation if we continue to let the system hold bright minds back. We need to know what you are struggling with and we are looking for ideas to write about.

Meanwhile, we are at this convergence with technology that makes us all interconnected. We will also need to break the old habit of teaching every child the same way. We are falling behind as a nation in education not because we are loosing intelligence, but because we are educating in the same way we have been for years.

Take old thinking and completely turn it inside out. Enjoy The Economic downturns, political crisis and worldwide environmental degradation are only a minor threat in the face of the challenge of having a generation with a closed mind.

Adolf Hitler, in his youth, had wanted to become an artist, but his mind was exposed to extreme political ideas that led him to become one of 20th century most powerful dictators.

Children will need to be grouped into different learning styles and abilities, no matter their age. Idea 2 When you talk to emerging leaders about great leaders of the past, do not just talk to them about the accomplishments of the leader, but talk to them about the process as well so that they can see the good and power that comes to leaders who can make it through the process.

For instance, we have many Americans living in poverty, many men and women without health insurance, an education dropout rate that is staggering, an economic crisis that is horrendous, and some of the strong morals and values that have been built for years in America have been lost.

In a time of shrinking family budgets, the cheapest food options remain the unhealthiest and the access to safe and attractive places for physical activity are limited for children living in poverty.

Idea 1 When you assist men and women of Generation Y in setting goals, do not just have them create short-term goals, but have them create long-term goals as well that take at least years to accomplish. This generation may live shorter, less healthy lives than their parents despite the medical advances of the last twenty years.

Our students need real-world interaction: We do not get to tinker or ramble. The Challenges Facing Our Generation: We did not evolve to have the most complex brain on earth to have it restricted by a system that does not allow for these characteristics.

In another article that I read about in reference to the Generation Y worker, I found that many men and women of Generation Y not only love instant gratification and expect frequent rewards for their work, but can become disengaged with their work if there are not advancement or rewards within the company for their work.

This situation has become a topic of national nuisance for the government of Nigeria. Likewise, in our generation today, new records can be broken, perceived unattainable heights can be reached, if practical efforts are made in grooming the present generation in the right state of mind.

Before it shows up, a moderator will need to approve your comment this is only a safeguard against spambots.I hope you enjoyed my honesty yesterday in An Open Letter to Under30CEO really like to discuss the challenges of our generation.

Most of you said, the real content you want to hear is authentic, straight from the heart, from people you knew and trusted. When I asked what your biggest challenges were a lot of you spilled it all and talked to.

The Challenges Facing Our Generation: A Response To An Open Letter to Under30CEO

The greatest test my generation will face is the challenge of stopping climate change. While success may not come quickly or easily, resignation to the imminent prospect of global catastrophe is. I would say the greatest challenge is to be independent.

i.e. To be able to make decision (not to get a decision) and to execute it. To be able to make one, you will need to have self-confidence. To know yourself – strengths and weakness, desires/.

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Nov 09,  · In my opinion I decided that the national debt is the greatest challenge that will be faced in the future. I also believe along with that this will effect Medicare and Social Security. Can anyone explain more into detail about how this will effect this generation and explain what things that can be done to stop this.

Thank Resolved.

Generation Z Challenges

Greatest Challenge Our Generation Will Face. I feel that the greatest challenge that my generation is faced with is being stuck in a time of environmental instability.

Recently, we have been confronted with the crisis of global warming.

My Generation’s Biggest Challenge

In past generations, they have known the risks and effects of all the factories, and the car emissions, but they. Originally Answered: What is the biggest challenge you have ever faced in your life? My biggest challenge was, believing in myself.

What Is The Greatest Challenge Facing Generation Y?

I had heard the word, you can’t do it so many times in my life, that I really started believing what other people said about me.

My generations greatest challenge
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