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Topics will include population and life expectancy, civil society, social-moral relationships, caste and communalism, youth and consumerism, the new urban middle class, environment and health, tourism, public and religious cultures, social activism, politics and law.

It offers a theoretically informed view on the evolution of Egyptian religion, social stratification, kingship, literature, craftsmanship, daily life and the role of women, the making of Pharaohs, politics, and mortuary beliefs over the past years.

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The readings provide Iq for anthro basis for discussion of the challenges we face in understanding the life histories of societies and discerning what we can conclude about the future from their experiences.

The professor includes a personal perspective as Iq for anthro archaeologist working with the ancient Maya civilization.

Using the tools and interpretive frameworks of the field of medical anthropology, students in this course are exposed to a broad range of topics dealing with health and health care in Eastern and Western contexts. We study concepts of the nation-state and citizenship, the political economy of migration, gender, sexuality and migration, and notions of identity and social inclusion more generally to build a sound critique of contemporary discourses on immigration.

Lower IQ is also associated with increased rates of all-cause mortality 1, 2cardiovascular diseasehypertension 5contact with psychiatric services 6and other negative health outcomes 7.

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He noted that the tests we have for measuring the cognitive functioning of infants, though admittedly crude, show the races to be almost the same. Guiding concepts include adaptation both social and ecologicalthe politics of ethnicity and identity, and processes of culture change.

Students taking this class are prepared to understand and address ongoing health care concerns affecting U. How can students of the past distinguish between fraud, fantasy, hype and valid archaeological research?

Emphasis on the numerous social and economic changes African peoples have experienced from precolonial times to the present. Anthropology of Modern Turkey This course invites us to approach issues pertaining to Turkey and the Middle East with a critical lens by first taking us to the intellectual roots that have long shaped the Orientalist gaze through which the peoples and cultures of the region are envisioned.

A variety of sources, such as oral history, films, novels, legal documents and scholarly secondary analysis help students to consider different perspectives on internal and international migrations, from the individual migrant to civil society, from political regulation to economic consideration.

Anthropology majors and nonmajors are all welcome, as are sophomores and motivated first-year students who have not yet declared majors.

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Special themes addressed in the class are the reasonableness of belief in magic, religion and religious practice as "magical," the body and definitions of health, healing, and illness and disease as symbolically, culturally, even magically constructed and experienced.

Visit online course listings to view semester offerings for L48 Anthro. Through course lectures, ethnographic texts, and four in-depth case studies, we explore how the politics of Indigeneity articulate with political and economic processes including neo colonialism, global capitalism, state transformation and social movement struggle.

Ancient Civilizations of the Old World This course will explore the archaeology of Europe, the Near East and Central Asia from approximately 10, years ago to classical times ending before Ancient Greece.

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This is a broad, introductory course for first year students and presumes no special subject matter knowledge on the part of the student. Readings, lectures and discussions will focus on how political, ethnic, regional, religious, and gender identities have been constructed and shaped by the use and production of material artifacts ranging from household goods and tomb objects to built forms and bodily dispositions.

The purpose is to provide a broad perspective on the types of research that anthropologists undertake, and to engage in a critical dialogue on how the work of anthropologists contributes to understanding the human condition.

Students will learn to identify how gender and gender differences affect conditions of life in the areas of reproductive health, nutrition, conflict, access to health care, and the social determinants of health, especially for young people.

Beginning with the earliest human occupations in the region more than 12, years ago, this course examines how domestication, urbanization, the rise of early states, and major technological inventions changed life in the Andes from small village societies to the largest territorial polity of the Americas — the Inca Empire.

Attention is given to the ways that anthropology is used to understand complex cultural and social processes in a region thoroughly shaped by globalization. We now know enough about the fine structure of the brain, the proteins involved and the roles they play in learning, cognition, memory and other components of intelligence to understand that the DNA of genes are, generally, many steps removed from determining these capacities.

For details, please see below. The focus of this course is two-fold. Finally, Greg has addressed the importance of skill acquisition in his post Cave Men in the Classroom, where behavioral skills like sitting qualitylanguage skills, thinking patterns, test taking, parental reinforcement, and learning incentives could all play a role.


Now, if you made it this far, and just want to have a fun read, check this funny take on research on IQ and siblings. These include the study of medical pluralism, meaning of illness, health care financing, preventive care, political-economic perspectives, and sociobehavioral perspectives on health and wellness.

Culture and Environment 3 Elective courses: To put it differently, I see three ways anthropology might examine this problem:L48 Anthro Indian Barbie, Asian Tigers and IT Dreams: Politics of Globalization and Development in South Asia This course will explore how South Asia is at the heart of current debates about globalization, development, empire.

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