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Submit this document with any required evidence attached. Here I outline the following marketing objectives: Design — Bright and functional. Houzit is based in Brisbane but one of its obvious organizational goals is to form strong brand recognition in other cities as well through well-placed and thoroughly researched marketing Establish brand recognition in Brisbane so that at least 1 in 3 people recognise our brand in a random survey taken in 18 months time.

The analysis of each of the aspect of the company overview is provided under the following heads. Recommend the opportunity that best addresses organisational objectives and: Assessment description For the organisation outlined in the case study provided, identify two marketing opportunities and evaluate each opportunity for risks, strengths, weaknesses and alignment with organisational objectives.

After you have reviewed the opportunities, select the best fitting opportunity for the organisation and develop marketing strategies, approaches and activities to take advantage of the opportunity.

The CEO has also asked you to consider some marketing opportunities that may assist Houzit in reaching its goals, and provide him with brief summary evaluating two alternatives, including the benefits and risks associated with each option, and making a recommendation for the opportunity most likely to produce results.

Specifications This assessment can be completed in your own time, as you work through the related topics in either the Student Workbook, or under the guidance or their assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.

These keywords will also be secured via pay-per-click traffic directing. The steps that need to be undertaken by Houzits in order to achieve its goals and organizational objectives are also recommended as part of the Marketing Plan, as well as the strategic direction the organization must ensue to generate its required rate of revenue.

Opportunities Identify two marketing opportunities that meet the objectives and evaluate the risks and benefits of each opportunity.

Tactics Detail the tactics necessary to implement the strategy you have outlined, including: Thus we will use the below methods to communicate effectively: The webpage will be targeted towards the Key word throughout.

Check with your assessor whether it is appropriate to use a computer for the submission of the report electronicor if the assessor requires a hardcopy printed version. Key driver in achieving the marketing objectives is through the opportunity of having advertising space together with a PR write up in one of the leading home-ware magazines and their website.

Unique items — Customers want homewares that stand out from mass-produced, low quality items.

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You have recently been appointed as the marketing manager and must now review the organisation and devise marketing strategies that will move Houzit towards its strategic goals. Describe how the tactics fit within identified organisational resources and capabilities.

Mission ByHouzit will have a significant retail presence in homewares in every Australian capital city, starting with 15 stores in the greater Brisbane area and growing to Australia wide.

Executive Summary Marketing plans are generally used as an overall business strategy for organizations, wherein the current market position and current strategies are discussed and further market opportunities are discussed.

The report should be structured using the headings below. Focus in bathroom fittings and mirror categories with linkages to the other two categories of bedroom fittings and decorative items. This means a significant cost in electricity usage to run the lights and the air-conditioners.

Case study Houzit is a chain of homewares stores in Brisbane that specialise in bathroom fittings, bedroom fittings, mirrors and decorative items. Procedure You are required to submit a report that addresses all of the elements listed in the procedure.

Quality — Preference for high quality items is increasing as customers are learning to appreciate differences in quality. PR copy- used in article marketing on popular article content sites. Delegation of roles and responsibilities Gurinder — I enjoy taking responsibility for the in-store promotions because it keeps me connected with key personnel and trend in merchandise category sales.Houzit is mainly a homeware chain of stores that can be found in Brisbane, and that has slowly become a household name in all sub-urban and urban homes in the city.

HOUZIT HOMEWARE ORGANIZATIONAL OVERVIEW This assignment is divided into two tasks: Task 1 is the preparation of a report and Task 2 relates to the development of a marketing plan for Houzit. Task1 HISTORY The company is named Houzit Pty Ltd, it is a retailer for home wares.

Houzit is a chain of homewares stores in Brisbane that specialise in bathroom fittings, bedroom fittings, mirrors and decorative items. They currently have 15 stores spread across the greater Brisbane area, with all stores being managed and coordinated from their head office in Milton.

In this manner Houzit will have a gap between the objectives set for the company and the current strategies, capabilities and resources of the company. Opportunities With the help of external environment analysis, a company will be able to develop a list of opportunities and threats that are provided by the environmental factors (David, ).

Marketing Plan:

Marketing direction the organization must ensue to generate its required rate of revenue. Houzit is mainly a homeware chain of stores that can be found in Brisbane, and that. Houzit want to expand brand from 15 stores greater Brisbane to Australia wide. They also want to increase sales to 15 millions to 20 millions and etablish a brand recognisation 1 in 3 people with random survey taken in 18 months time.

Houzit homeware bridbane
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