Handwashing assignment

Medicine Having had two recent placements on an elderly medicine and a surgical ward I quickly learned the Handwashing assignment of good hand hygiene.

Handwashing Assignment

I was greeted with enthusiasm and took it upon myself to discuss and provide an explanation of both postnatal examinations and what the procedure entailed. I found this helpful in becoming competent in hand decontamination. The research found that the number of bacteria recovered from fingertips ranged from CFU.

Importance Of Hand Washing Essay Sample

Sarah was pleased with my explanation as was Kerry; therefore this had lead my confident level to soar. Sarah explained that the area was slightly bruised and swollen and that it would require a couple of weeks to heal entirely and that analgesia would be required as methods of soothing the pain.

Some areas of the hands can often be missed; therefore special attention should always be paid to the tips of the fingers, the thumbs and the area between the fingers.

I would place myself at the novice stage as I had no previous knowledge of the Handwashing assignment washing technique prior to my training; therefore I relied on my mentors to gain most of my knowledge base.

However, if hands do appear to be soiled soap and water should always be used. I had a duty of care as a student midwife to ensure that Kerry and her new born received a high standard of care within my limitations Edwards, Department Of Health, In order for microbes to cause any infection, they must gain an entrance into the body.

Having undergone this procedure Kerry requires suturing within the perineum. Essential standards of quality and safety, Care Quality Commission, London. This is the stage where the student has no experience in the tasks and experiences that they are expected to perform.

Therefore once they have contracted the infection it becomes a lot harder for the immune system to overcome and defeat. However, according to current research, several practitioners fail to practice sufficient hand hygiene on a regular basis Suchitra and Lakshmidevi, Due to my assertive nature at this time, my body language conveyed a sense of warmth and welcoming, I felt ready to take charge of the situation, not wanting to be huddled behind my mentor exuding uncertainty.

Bandura, Working alongside a mentor and other staff allowed me to more comfortable in certain clinical tasks, such as hand washing. This assignment on reflection has enabled me to further undertake my own personal hand compliance which benefits both women and babies under my care.

The notes stated that Kerry was a primipgravida and during labour used both entonox and a mg of pethidine as methods of analgesia. National Institute for Clinical Excellence, Any cuts or abrasions to the hands must be covered using a waterproof dressing.

The room was surrounded by cards and an array of balloons congratulating the couple on the arrival of their baby. This will help to prevent any transient micro organisms harbouring within any wounds. Via the reflective process it has been both beneficial and valuable to my learning within practice.

Department of Health, Certain patients or clients will be more susceptible to infection, for example very young or older patients will be at a greater risk.Hand washing can be done using non-medicated soap and water or soap that includes antiseptic.

The latter is referred to as hygienic hand washing. Hand disinfection refers to use of an antiseptic solution to clean hands, either medicated soap or alcohol. View Homework Help - Handwashing Assignment from GEB at Florida Gateway College. Handwashing Assignment This assignment is due in Week 3 and will be submitted in Module 3.

Hand washing is a.

Importance Of Hand Washing Essay Sample. The intention of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the art of reflection and. Introduction Aim of hand hygiene is to remove micro-organisms carried on the skin and any break in the skin can harbor bacteria and may be a cross.

Based on these results, what is the importance of soap and time for effective hand washing? Well the importance for soap and time is for your hands to be very clean and it can also prevent diseases.

What areas of the hands retained the paint the longest, requiring careful scrubbing to get clean? Handwashing Assignment. 1 January Medicine; Hand washing is a crucial factor in the prevention of controlling infection. Therefore it is vital that it is carried out correctly, however it can quite often be overlooked and not put into practice when it should be.

On both of these placements I had decided with my mentors that a main.

Handwashing assignment
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