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Canes and walkers somewhat helped her balance issues, but in some ways they exacerbated her problems.

Great Dane Nursery Cam—Service Dog Project

I never thought I would have my life change the way it did. I cried all the way home. Stanley accompanies his companion Becky Spencer everywhere, even just for a cup of Joe. I met my sweet hero when I went back for training on the sat after Thanksgiving of Nov Stanley frequents Nashoba Brook Bakery in Concord, but not for the pastries and sandwiches.

Occasionally, he rises Great dane service dog project plants his hind quarters on her lap, his front paws resting on the rug, like a comical lapdog. I used to do triathlons.

Now because of Indy, we go out to eat in some restaurants, go to movies and even the grocery store and mall on occasion. She helped me relax. Stephanie is also grateful for Indy. The colossal canine — and others like Stanley — fulfill a specific task: Look kids I can have have a loving pup help me.

Could figure out what was wrong with me it took a year time till the day when I finally got the call. No going to restaurants, stores, movies. She never leaves my side. Her complex medical conditions can trigger seizures, spills, or emotional distress. After Spencer was hospitalized and became depressed, her doctor suggested a service dog to assist with her frequent falls.

Well it was a long road from there on out. She saved me in so many ways and helps me everyday with such Pride and joy! The dogs, who love to lean against humans, provided a natural support for those unstable on their feet. Spencer believes he knows she needs calming at those moments.

Then, hesitantly, after volunteering with service dogs, he pursued one. She is my hero. Stanley is her service dog. Some 40 dogs, from pups to seniors, live on the farm in the main house and four barns with dozens of heated kennels, cared for by five part-time staff members and more than 45 active volunteers.

Bud Wilbur, 44, of Sterling, and his wife, Stephanie, attribute his return to society to his pound, 4-year-old buddy, Indy. I got on my bottom and scooothed yup on the floor to make it easier for them all at home.

Great Danes - Service Dog Project Puppy Cam

He takes the focus off of my disabilities. She has picked me up off the floor helped me walked stairs, jumped in the shower tmi,lol to help me, walked me when I was tired, slept with me in the hospital beds, guided me through busy crowds to keep me safe and out of the way of tripping over my two feet.

I sent in an application I went for a visit and right there I was accepted.

Service Dog Project Inc

I can go on and on. And he wears a sign on his harness: I feel ill 4 years ago was diagnosed 3 years ago to the day today with MS short for multiple sclerosis. Now I feel broken every day.Service Dog Project provides a life changing experience for those who receive a great dane service dog.

I believe strongly in what SDP does and regularly donate to this charity. Share this review: Flag review/5(). The main house at the Service Dog Project is the perfect place to watch the comings and goings of Great Danes--including current service dogs and future service dogs (also known as puppies)--and.

Meet the Great Danes of the Service Dog Project. Located in Ipswich, Massachusetts, the Service Dog Project rests on a acre property with. Moved Permanently. nginx/ The Service Dog Project (SDP) provides Great Danes and their training to be used as service dogs for the mobility impaired. Service Dog Project shared Chronicles of Eve and Finn's post. Sp S on S so S red S · Yesterday at PM · Chronicles of Eve and Finn. Service Dog Project, The Daily Doggie is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

Great dane service dog project
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