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It makes the impression upon one that thousands of voices do, uniting in one unanimous simultaneous feeling of enthusiasm or emotion, which is said to overcome the strongest man. Custom Florence Nightingale Essay.

For example, a dying young prostitute being tended by Nightingale was concerned she was going to hell, and said to her "Pray God, that you may never be in the despair I am in at this time".

Tompkins became interested in nursing early in life and was often found aiding those who were sick slave or free before and during the Civil War Judd, During her bedridden years, she also did pioneering work in the field of hospital planning, and her work propagated quickly across Britain and the world.

Historians now believe that both drainage and devolved enforcement played a crucial role in increasing average national life expectancy by 20 years between and the mids during which time medical science made no impact on the most fatal epidemic diseases.

History of nursing As stated previously, her family was in objection of her gaining nursing experience majorly due to the poor status of the profession.

Later in life, she kept up a prolonged correspondence with Irish nun Sister Mary Clare Moore, with whom she had worked in Crimea. Friday, August 12,her symptoms began to arise and worsen.

Bostridge points out that in the early s Nightingale wrote an article for a textbook in which she advocated strict precautions designed, she said, to kill germs. Indeed, she is considered a pioneer of nursing throughout the world as she traveled to many countries training and establishing nursing schools and hospitals Bostridge, Additionally, while working as a volunteer nurse, after all other nurses went to sleep she could stroll around at night with a lamp in her hand ensuring that each and every patient was at least in a good shape, hence being referred as the "The Lady with the Lamp" Nightingale life As a daughter of William Edward Nightingale and Frances Smith, she was born in 12 Mayin Italy in the city of VillaColombia in Florence.

She was an evangelical by religion that distributed bibles along with providing homemaking training for mothers.

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There after, she advocated for better ventilation and warming, healthy houses, sufficient light provision, personal cleanliness, cleaning of rooms and walls, petty management.

At the same time she combined with the retired sanitary reformer Edwin Chadwick to persuade Stansfeld to devolve powers to enforce the law to Local Authorities, eliminating central control by medical technocrats.

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It is recognised as the knowledge which every one ought to have — distinct from medical knowledge, which only a profession can have".

Her religious background greatly influenced her devotion and call to this work.

Custom Florence Nightingale Essay

Ten times more soldiers died from illnesses such as typhustyphoidcholera and dysentery than from battle wounds. However, Clarkey made an exception in the case of the Nightingale family and Florence in particular. Her attention turned to the health of the British army in India and she demonstrated that bad drainage, contaminated water, overcrowding and poor ventilation were causing the high death rate.

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Florence Nightingale was known as the ‘Lady with the Lamp’ because of her habit of making rounds at night to check on the soldiers during the Crimean War in She also wrote ‘Notes on Nursing’ – published on which gave tips and hints on nursing.

Custom Florence Nightingale Essay The research paper is a critical analysis of Nightingale Florence life and contribution to nursing. Her contribution in politics, statistics and health care are brought forth in this paper. Florence Nightingale is most remembered as a pioneer of nursing and a reformer of hospital sanitation methods.

Florence Nightingale's two greatest life achievements are the pioneering of nursing and the reform of hospitals. These two contributions were so powerful considering that most Victorian /5(10).

Florence Nightingale was a revolutionary nurse leader in her time. She was an activist for the “sick poor” (Monteiro,p. ) who had the forethought, organization, planning, skills, knowledge, and determination to accomplish great .

Florence nightingale 2 essay
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