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They never knew that he was a good writer and they think that Jamal is leaving them when he goes to Mailor-Callow. Jamal lives with his mother in an apartment in the Bronx. When Jamal gets home he opens his bag to find that all of his journal writings were edited and revised by Forrester.

Jamal attends the school contest. Forrester says that he will continue to help him with his writing as long as he follows some rules, Jamal is not allowed to ask personal questions, he is not allowed to take any of the writing that they do together out of the apartment, and he is not allowed to tell anyone that they have any sort of relationship.

He refuses to do either to keep his promise to Forrester. Crawford, who is another one of his literacy sponsors.

Either way, all three of his family members helped him in becoming the writer that he is now. Once Jamal gets the rhythm of typing he can start typing his own ideas http: He also explains how the subsequent deaths of his parents soon after affected him and led to his becoming a recluse.

Forrester knows that a representative from Mailor-Callow, a prestigious private school, offered Jamal a full academic scholarship, partly for his skill on the basketball court and partly for his test scores.

Forrester tells him to begin with 5, words on why Jamal should "stay the fuck out of my home," which he completes and leaves on the doorstep the following day. Rather the literacy sponsor has the intentions of helping that person or hurting them, they still push them to be the best that they can be.

Works Cited Finding Forrester. While he is dashing out of the house he drops his backpack that contains all of his writings ever since his father had left them. That tip helps Jamal out immensely and he writes a fabulous paper in which he turns into his teacher Mr. She knew that he was a gifted writer but even his high test scores shocked her.

Jamal takes a letter opener only to be surprised by Forrester and inadvertently leaves his backpack behind. During the readings by other students, Forrester appears, announces himself and receives permission to read an essay that draws overwhelming applause from the students. So every time Jamal wants to see Forrester he has to go to his apartment, they can never meet anywhere.

For Jamal this is also the case. Jamal learns that Forrester is the author of a famous book, Avalon Landing and that he has never published another. He also explains that Jamal had written the contest essay using the published title and first paragraph with permission. Jamal tells Forrester what he has done and asks him to defend him but Forrester is angry at Jamal for breaking his promise about taking the paper.

One of the boys dares Jamal to sneak into the apartment and retrieve an item. He lives in a tall building by the court and never comes out of his house, he just watches the boys as they play basketball. Writing The main character in the movie is a sixteen-year-old boy named Jamal who is from the Bronx in New York.

Finding Forrester-Persuasive

During one of his classes Jamal sticks up for himself and he beats Crawford at his own game which gets him kicked out of class http: Some of his main sponsors are his family, his friends, William Forrester, and his English teacher Mr.

The most complicated literacy sponsor that Jamal has is Forrester. He is a very intelligent young man and a gifted writer. As Crawford is praising the work, Forrester acknowledges his friendship with Jamal and reveals that the essay he had just read was written by Jamal.

He thinks that Jamal is useless to the school except to play basketball and he tries to do everything he possibly can to stop Jamal in succeeding at the school.Finding Forrester is a film that in my opinion perpetuates stereotypes.

The entire film is based on significantly different racial opinions, opinions of different writing styles and stereotyping of different people in general.

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FINDING FORRESTER Essay by Jodi McKay 9C Part A - Explanatory Paragraph The scene where Jamal takes Forrester to the empty baseball field is a pivotal point in their relationship and the movie. While researching Forrester, Jamal knew the baseball field was very important to him.

The main character in the movie is a sixteen-year-old boy named Jamal who is from the Bronx in New York.

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He is a very intelligent young man and a gifted writer. The fact that he goes to a poor school with students who are mostly unsuccessful affects the showmanship of his intelligence. He feels that [ ].

In Finding Forrester a movie that takes place in the Bronx, there are two main characters, William Forrester and Jamal Wallace who find friendship in an unlikely way because of their passion for reading and writing.

Though both are very different from each other they are drawn together by similar 3/5(4).

Finding forrester persuasive
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