Factors that influence photosynthesis

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What factors can affect the rate of photosynthesis? The simplest equation for photosynthesis: Carbon Dioxide Concentrations 3. Most effective wavelengths differ with different plants.

What factors affect photosynthesis?

As the light intensity increases, photosynthetic C02 fixation increases until it equals CO, release by respiration. Green light nm plays an important role in photosynthesis. It has also been found that uninterrupted and continuous photosynthesis for relatively long periods of time, may be sustained without any visible damage to the plant.

Enzymes have an optimum temperature or a temperature at which they work best, Factors that influence photosynthesis this will also affect the rate of photosynthesis. This is because photosynthesis involves the operation of enzymes, which are affected by many factors, such as changes in pH.

Planting trees and other plants is one component of the solution to global warming, but the number of plants we have now cannot consume more carbon than they already do, and there is some evidence that warmer temperatures make photosynthesis more difficult. The thing is that photosynthesis will be held back by whichever factor is in shortest supply.

On the other hand, photosynthesis in C. The rate of photosynthesis in relation to temperature forms a bellcurve.

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Gas-exchange experiments in showed that the gain in weight of a plant grown in a carefully weighed pot resulted from the uptake of carbon, which came entirely from absorbed carbon dioxide, and water taken up by plant roots; the balance is oxygen, released back to the atmosphere.

They need water to support the plant to face the sun as well as a raw material of photosynthesis. For example indoor plants will grow under artificial fluorescent light, but not very well wherefore the tube does not provide the correct visible light spectrum required for the long-term health of the plant.

Besides plants are the only living organism capable of manufacturing their own food. Figure represents the whole concept graphically.

What are the Factors that affect Photosynthesis

It provides the enzymes responsible for photosyenthesis more energy, thus increasing the rate of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a process by which plants use sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide to produce carbohydrates, and other biological compounds, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

However, water deficit stress reduces the rate of photosynthesis by affecting the process indirectly.Photosynthesis is the process by which higher plants manufacture dry matter through the aid of chlorophyll pigment, which uses solar energy to produce carbohydrates out of water and carbon dioxide.

The overall efficiency of this critical process is somewhat low, and its mechanics are. Many external and internal factors affect the rate of photosynthesis.

The external or environmental factors at:A light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.


The internal factor influencing the photosynthesis is chlorophyll content of the leaves and protoplasmic factors. Light; Light is essential for photosynthesis.

By understanding the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis they can do work to try and increase the rate of photosynthesis to increase the yield of a crop.

The three main things affecting the rate of photosynthesis are: Light; Temperature; Carbon dioxide; These three factors are called LIMITING FACTORS.

Dec 21,  · Furthermore, the factors affecting photosynthesis can be separated loosely into two categories, being internal and external factors.

Factors Affecting Internal factors include the structure of that particular plant, the age of the plant, the plant’s genetic make-up, growth, the orientation of leaves and so on.

The factors that effect the rate of photosynthesis are: the amount of sunlight, the amount of carbon dioxide, amount of water, intensity of. The main factors affecting rate of photosynthesis are light intensity, carbon dioxide concentration and temperature.

How might the factors that affect the rate of photosynthesis be investigated?

15 Main Factors Affecting Photosynthesis

Design a suitable series of experiments. Rate of photosynthesis Temperature.

Factors that influence photosynthesis
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