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Being listed on an exchange can also attract interest and investment from hedge funds, mutual funds and other traders. The PLC concept advocates that marketer should be aware, alert, and conscious about market trends and accordingly he should attempt to get favourable market response.

Some businesses owners also find that they can loose control. It undermines the role of marketing managers and the marketing strategies.

Public Limited Company - PLC

It is just a concept. Rather, it means that it meets the other requirements but has chosen not to be traded on a stock exchange or does not otherwise meet the requirements for being listed on an exchange.

As they are usually large, often everyone has their own ideas. One cannot study the entire product life cycle unless it completes; once the product completes its life cycle, it is of no use. Fluctuations in share price could make a company worthless overnight.

To be a PLC can take lots of time and can sometimes not be possible for companies with a very bad image. PLC is a valuable concept in marketing.

And, any strategy formulated in this regard may be misleading. In fact, sales should follow marketing strategy; and marketing strategy should not follow the sales.

Based on the study of the past PLC behaviour of the similar products and the current performance of the products, one can predict the future movements of sales, profits, challenges, competition, etc. Two or more people are required to form it, and it is constituted by the filing of articles of association that describe its purpose, membership and capital.

It guides a manager to be dynamic. It is a Controlling Tool: Several other requirements must be met to obtain and maintain the listing: Being a public company allows a business to sell shares to investors in order to raise capital.

It describes types of marketing challenges in each of the stages and also suggests major alternative marketing strategies a firm can select. The utility of concept is based on ability and experience of managers.

Public Limited Company (Advantages and Disadvantages)

You need to have at least two directors, there must be higher transparency when it comes to accounting and PLCs must hold annual general meetings AGMs. April 30, What is a Public Limited Company?

This is also known as a divorce of control. A PLC is usually for large companies. In fact, effective strategies are such that can lead or manage PLC. Not all PLCs are listed on a stock exchange, therefore even if a company uses the PLC suffix in its name, it does not necessarily mean it is listed.

It is not a foolproof tool to use for the better performance. Over reliance on the past behaviour of product may be proved fatal.Advantages of a Public Limited Company (Plc) Tesco is a public limited company (plc).

A lot of big companies go public. This is because unlike a private limited, a plc is able to advertise the sale of shares and sell them to members of. The following will analyse whether Facebook can benefit from the changing between private limited company to public limited company.

Ltd is the short for Private Limited Companies. Plc is the short for Public Limited Companies. The Main Features of a Public Limited Company as a Form of Ownership Essay - Shareholders own a PLC (Public Limited Company).

By this I mean the people with an investment in the PLC own it. Debentures are the long term loans raised from public by a Public limited company. These debentures usually range from $ to $ with varied interest rates.

Debentures are floated with certain terms and conditions and are generally secured against the assets of a company (Chakraborty, ). A Public Limited Company is a business that has decided to offer it's shares on the public stock market.

Anyone can invest in an Public Limited Company. A public limited company is the only type of business in the UK which can, if it chooses, offer its shares to the public to raise funds for commercial use.

However, many public companies do not offer their shares in this way and are effectively privately owned, sometimes by another plc.

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Essay public limited company plc
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