Essay on uses and abuses of nuclear energy

Nuclear power is generated using Uranium, a mineral of which one of the isotopes, U- is unstable. One would never notice there is a nuclear power plant down. There have been great advances in using nuclear energy for peaceful purposes, such as medicinal use of isotopes, radiation techniques or production of electricity.

Citations The nuclearenergy While demand for energy continues to rise due the continuous need of energy in developing and. He had left a sample of pitchblende substance that contains uranium near an. This is called nuclear fission and this process liberates a large amount of energy, but the process also releases radiation which is very dangerous.

Nuclear weapons are a major threat to the world as they can cause a large-scale devastation. There are a total of 14 nuclear power stations in operation in the UK and there are 6 which have gone under decommissioning in the past 15 years. But before listing the uses, we should first understand the reasons behind its usage.

Coal and natural gas power plants emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which contributes to climate change. We use countless gifts of science every day. The nuclear power is released in nuclear reactions which can be nuclear fusion and nuclear fission.

At a nuclear power plant, nuclear fission occurs inside the reactor containing a core with uranium pellets. This energy also provides power to the beacons and satellites used for navigation. As the atoms break open, neutrons are released. But, on the other hand, it has caused many problems for mankind.

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The energy released by the fission that takes place in a nuclear reactor of the nuclear power plant is converted and generated into electricity. Two Great World wars killed a great number of people and destroyed big cities.

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But the greatest wonder of science is the release of the nuclear energy. It has made possible the invention of the atom bomb, the hydrogen bomb and the missiles. Uses and Abuses of Modern Science specifically for you.

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You'll Be Amazed to Know About the Various Uses of Nuclear Energy

Nuclear Energy Nuclear energy-This is energy that binds together components of an atomic nucleus. This is made by the process of nuclear fission. Nuclear fission is produced when an atomic atom is split. Nuclear reactors make use of uranium as fuel and produces huge amounts of energy from small amounts of uranium.

The Earth has the high reserves of uranium. Current estimates put the uranium supply as enough to last for 30 to 60 years. Scientific and Technical Committee Euratom has explained on another negative effect of nuclear energy.

According to this committee, nuclear energy produces radioactive waste which is very dangerous. There are two types of wastes: short-lived and long-lived wastes. Many countries have safely disposed the short-lived wastes. Nuclear energy – Uses and abuses Nuclear energy is the energy created from the nucleus of atoms.

Essay: Nuclear Energy – Advantages and Disadvantages

The nuclear power is released in nuclear reactions which can be nuclear fusion and nuclear fission. In nuclear fusion, atoms combine together to form a larger atom.

This is accompanied by the release or absorption of energy.

Essay on uses and abuses of nuclear energy
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