Essay on service industry in india

Public institutions played a dominant role in the Indian Healthcare sector in the past, in the urban as well as in the rural areas. In fact, of the 32 companies which raised funds through ECB and FCCBs last February through the automated route, as many as 15 did so for import of capital goods for expansion of capacity or for modernisation of plants.

Essay on the Services Sector of India

The proposed review will be taken up after due consultation with the stakeholders once there is greater clarity regarding stability, recovery of the global financial system, and a shared understanding on the regulatory and supervisory architecture around the world.

Shipping is also playing an important role in the commodity and services trade to the country. Additionally, professionals may be required to be registered with the local professional associations or guilds to be allowed to render the relevant service in the concerned jurisdiction.

Again the top five states, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra cumulatively accounting 69 per cent of the total domestic tourists visits in the country.


AAI colleges would be interested to provide training to aviation personnel in both countries. As per simple estimate, it is observed that for every rupee that is invested in housing and construction RS 0.

Health tourism, the new area in this sector is a niche area where India has good potential. Moreover, the overall openness of the economy reflected by total trade including services as a percentage of GDP showed a higher degree of openness at Such FDI share of services was The true impact of IT on growth and productivity continues to be a matter of debate, even in the United States, which has been the leader and largest adopter of IT.

Importance of service sector is well recognised everywhere. Indian telecom service has proved to be an international success story as the sector has been witnessing commendable growth over the past few years.

These numbers most likely understate the overall importance of services for the economy as many services provide inputs to the production process and to other sectors and thus their growth has wider productivity and efficiency ramifications for activities outside of the services sector.

Tie-ups to overcome the weakness of small size of domestic accountancy firms could also help accountancy sector of India to grow manifold. Moreover, trade in creative industry can also be broadly classified into goods and services.

On an average, each post office serves 7, persons with coverage of approximately The commercial outreach of CWC along with its social objectives resulted operation of a large network of warehouses across the country.

In respect of NBFCs in India, 19 areas have been opened for FDI including portfolio management services, stock broking, credit rating agencies, housing finance and rural credit among others.

FDI also plays a major role in the dynamic growth of the services sector. However, there are huge potential for accounting services in India.

The roadmap was divided into two phases, the first phase spanning the period March - Marchand the second phase beginning April after a review of the experience gained in the first phase. In the insurance sector in India, foreign equity up to 26 per cent is allowed.The soap industry in India is at the high growth rate and many new entrants are planning to launch their product in this category.

The overall soap industry is worth at crores. Shine is a multinational company. It is a new entrant in the market and targets at unisex genders. I segmented Shine's market according to geographical locations. Essay on the Services Sector of India.

Article Shared by. Essay on the Importance of Services Sector in India Essay on the Performance of Services Sector in India The construction industry in India is now considered as an important indicator of growth and development as it creates a lot of investment opportunities and also raises.

[tags: India Economy Service Industry] Free Essays words | ( pages) | Preview. Importance of the Service Industry to the Economy leverage and incentives in the financial service industry.

This essay also includes the UK credit crunch crisis and the global economic crisis. The UK economy is in recession. Essay on Fast-growing Automobile Industry in India - EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Indian automobile industry is a globally one of the largest industries and a key sector of the economy.

The automobile industry is one of the prime industry in india and now one of the fastest growing industries in the world in terms of vehicle manufacturing.

While India subscribes to the Annex on Financial Services, it is not a party to the Understanding on Financial Services. EDUCATION SECTOR: Education levels have a direct bearing on the sustainability of a country’s competitiveness and economic growth.

The main jute products are gunny bags, jute cloth, tarpaulins, ropes and cordages (required for cable industry). India exports jute products to the U.S.A Britain, Canada, Argentina and Russia.

Sugar Industry: Sugar has been used in India since a very long time. India produces White sugar, Khandsari and Gur or Jaggery.

Essay on service industry in india
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