Case studies for teaching abnormal psychology

Ask students what they think. We spent an entire class period discussing this in a circle.

From my perspective it seemed that students were able to do this. E-book Read online or offline with all the highlighting and notetaking tools you need to be successful in this course.

We have this book at the library There are also other case books, some may come with your text, but these cases are typically longer. Pass out a case example and ask students to determine which symptoms fall under which category negative, positive, disorganized. Write their answers down. Present the idea that people should be allowed to commit suicide.

Treatment Show students video clips of different types of therapy. Hair Pullingh Authors Ethan E. He has an active clinical practice devoted to the use of evidence-based psychological treatment methods for problems of both children and adults. Pass out case studies of people diagnosed with mood disorders.

By asking them for pros and cons you are already letting them know that there are two sides to the issue and they will have to think critically about it.

From there he can keep a close eye on the often-frustrating Philadelphia sports teams with whom he grew up. Ask them how to determine if a person is suffering from a phobia. Asking students about pros and cons is often more helpful than simply asking them what they think about a certain topic.

He is a practicing clinical psychologist and a consultant to Eden Autism Services and to hospitals and family practice residency programs throughout New Jersey.

Give them a few minutes to write down their answers and then ask for volunteers. Be sure to point out what criteria make it one diagnosis and not the other. I provided them with most of the reasons and asked what they thought about them. Ask students to come up with examples of defense mechanisms.

My students had strong views about this and the conversation went fairly well. This went over fairly well in my class. Explain that men and women typically experience different types of sexual disorders. You might also collect their responses be sure they know this ahead of time and read them out loud.

Ask students what they think about medicating children. Make sure they mention both pros and cons. My students enjoyed this activity and referred back to it throughout the semester.Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology, Second Edition, Ethan E.

Gorenstein; Ronald J. Comer, Students get free shipping when you buy or rent your textbook from the Macmillan Learning Student Store today!

The case study method of teaching applied to college science teaching, Abnormal Psychology in the Hundred Acre Wood InSara E. Shea and co-authors published "Pathology in the Hundred Acre Wood: A neurodevelopmental perspective on A.A.

Milne" in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology

students learn about a series of studies. Abnormal psychology students seem to like case studies. I listed the case study exercise under the mood disorders section, but I used this with a number of disorders and students responded well to it each time.

In addition to writing Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology, Professor Comer is the author of the textbook Abnormal Psychology, now in its fourth edition, and the co-author of Case Studies in Abnormal Psychology.

He has also published a number of journal articles in clinical psychology, social psychology, and family medicine.

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Case studies for teaching abnormal psychology
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