Book report on coming of age in mississippi

Moody says that this is when she began to hate white people. Fearing for her life, Anne briefly moves from Canton, Mississippi, to New Orleans to live with her sister. She receives a basketball scholarship to Natchez Junior College, but she finds it a restrictive environment.

Her passion though does lead her to one of the historic black colleges, eventually, Tougaloo College. She tells about a society in which no one wanted to live in peace and tranquility. Now I was more confused than before.

Coming Of Age In Mississippi Summary

At the end of her memoir, twenty-three-year-old Anne is getting on a bus to Washington. Now all of a sudden they were white, and their whiteness made them better than me" p. When Anne is still very young, her mother develops a romantic relationship with Raymond Davis, with whom she has four more children.

People like her become the leaders that get people to act in spite of their fear. She has two younger siblings, Adline and Jr. There, Anne has her first boyfriend. A black boy is killed for whistling at a white woman, and many other attacks occur in the following years.

The book explores in detail the racism Moody faced as a child, as well as the sexism she struggled to overcome among her fellow, mostly male, activists. That was when I discovered that white folks ate different from us. Anne is left alone all day with an uncle who is only eight years old to watch her and who treats her badly because he resents being stuck with this responsibility.

A second memoir titled Farewell to Too Sweet was written but never published. Throughout the book there is personal, anecdotal evidence of the statistics we read about in Labor of Love, Labor of Sorrow.

In elementary school, Anne maintains excellent grades while working after school to help support her family. This results in death threats from disgruntled whites determined to prevent African Americans from gaining political power.

The Claibornes even encourage Anne in her studies and ask her to eat with them at their table. Later on in the story, the murder of Emmitt Till brings up the issue of fear and how it can only widen divides. Her mother tells her that an evil spirit killed Till, but Moody realizes just how far white people in Mississippi will go to protect their way of life, and how powerless black people are.

September 1, Related Essays. She resents how many black people will not commit to the movement in the way she has.Let us write or edit the book report/review on your topic "Anne Moodys Coming of age in Mississippi" with a personal 20% discount.

Anne Moodys Coming of age in Mississippi - Book Report/Review Example

Review: Coming of Age in Mississippi by Your Name Class Name University Name November 24, Review: Coming of Age in Mississippi Moody, Anne. Coming of Age in Mississippi. New York: Laurel Books, Print. Oct 22,  · Home > Book, Genre, memoir, Reading Project, Review > Book Review: Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody (The Real Help Reading Project) Book Review: Coming of Age in Mississippi by Anne Moody (The Real Help Reading Project).

Coming of Age in Mississippi Summary By the late s, the civil rights movement had seen enormous successes along with tragic losses. Significant anti-discrimination legislation had been passed, but in the view of many civil rights activists, society had not changed enough.

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Anne accepts a basketball scholarship to Natchez College, a suffocatingly conservative Baptist college in Mississippi.

Coming of Age in Mississippi-Book Report

There, Anne has her first boyfriend. She eventually transfers to Tougaloo College for her final two years of college. At Tougaloo, she joins the NAACP, in spite of the strong protests of her mother.

Book report on coming of age in mississippi
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