An overview of the film since you went away

From the vantage point of the s, it is easy to see why Since You Went Away scored with its wartime audiences. Bill finally is sent overseas and Jane tearfully runs after his departing train to tell him goodbye.

Anne Hilton is also set up as a model citizen. Later, at a crowded cocktail lounge, Anne meets her friend, Emily Hawkins, a self-centered divorcee.

After the first 30 minutes of the film, the cook has already moved back into the home to work for free. It was also shown to troops because it the film was also saying: US Army Captain Timothy Hilton going into service from a civilian life leaves his wife Anne Hilton, his seventeen year old daughter Jane Hilton and his preteen daughter Brig Hilton at home needing to adjust to a new life without him.

Army service in World War II. As the war progresses, as people they know leave town to go into service - some into active battle - and as potential and actual personal tragedy hits people they know and themselves, Anne, General Smollett, Jane and Brig will have to make further adjustments to survive emotionally, with Jane and Brig perhaps growing up in the process for good or bad.

They become engaged, but Bill convinces Jane to wait until after the war to get married. This review addressed the issue of class, which is the main bone of contention that most of the more recent articles death with.

This scene takes place after the housekeeper receives the telegram and yells for Mrs.

David Selznick’s Since You Went Away (1944): Movie Summary

Jane, a high school senior, soon develops a crush on the suave Tony. Like Tim, Tony, an artist by trade, has entered the service as a Lieutenant in the Navy.

His films catered to the female market but also had potential to cross over to the male segment. Most critics enjoyed this picture. Jane and Anne finally tell off Emily Hawkins after Emily suggests that it is unseemly for Jane to volunteer at the hospital, and Anne decides she herself must do more to help and trains as a welder for defense work at the shipyard.

It is quite easy to look back at older films and sneer at them as inferior. When the Hiltons travel by train in a failed attempt to see Tim one last time before he ships out, they encounter or travel with many other people whose lives have been affected by the war, and they end up not getting to see Tim because their train is delayed to allow a defense supply train to go through first.

After escorting Anne out of the bar, Tony asks her for a place to stay, and Anne decides to move in with her daughters to make room for Tony.

For example, she is portrayed as unhappy and lonely. The producer and screenwriter of the film knew America craved this portrayal. In the press, critics viewed this film in either of two ways.

Since You Went Away was shown to the people of America to increase support and motivate people to get involved. From the vantage point of the s, it is easy to see why Since You Went Away scored with its wartime audiences.

Upon reading the letter, Mrs.

Films that did this, usually did will well at the box office as well as at the Academy Awards Ceremony. In her fixation on Tony, Jane cannot see that Bill in turn is in love with her.

Claudette Colbert plays the wife of a businessman who, though well past draft age, volunteered to serve his country as an officer though the husband is never seen, he is "played"-via a photograph-by Neil Hamilton.

The Hiltons and the Colonel grieve together for Bill.

The war was coming to a close, and America saw the return of their heroes after a glorious battle. A famous film critic, at the time was very harsh on this film.

On the trip home, the family then meets a woman whose granddaughter was reported missing at the Battle of Corregidor the previous year.Synopsis When her husband leaves to fight in World War II, housewife Anne Hilton (Claudette Colbert) must struggle on alone to raise their two daughters, Jane (Jennifer Jones) and Bridget (Shirley Temple).

Since You Went Away is the sort of wartime weepy that deserves far more recognition than it has received in the years since WWII. A great cast and an important story to tell. Kino's Blu-ray is a mess; riddled in artifacts, noise, a barrage of age-related damage/5().

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Midwesterner (Claudette Colbert) holds down s home front with daughters. Read Full Synopsis. Focusing on the plight of those left behind when the soldiers went off to fight in WWII, SINCE YOU WENT AWAY was a smash hit with audiences on the home front, grossing well over $4 million at a.

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An overview of the film since you went away
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